quarta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2010


Posted By: Marcia Frazão

To: Members in Pedras não foram feitas para matar mulheres.


URGENTEEEEE! Ainda dá tempo! Se a gente chover emails para o presidente iraniano, talvez ele seja complacente e talvez até comece a lutar pela revisão das leis iranianas. Vamos enviar emails para ele? O endereço da página é www.president.ir/en/ Como muita gente pode ter receio de escrever para lá (confesso, fiquei morrendo de medo), e depois de vencer o medo, relutar sobre o que escrever, segue um modelo equilibrado, diplomático, isento de qualquer ofensa, elaborado por Luiz Amaral, um arquiteto português , membro da causa Pedras Não Foram Feitas Para Matar Mulheres:

My name is -----.I am a ---- years old Brazilian -------.

I pay my respects to Iran, to Islam, and to your leadership of that great country.I must underline that I have no religious preferences and I believe that if there is a God in the Universe, in due time, he will "treat" Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and all others, with the same kind of judgemental attitude, for we all are born equal, no matter race, skin colour or sex. I have no intentions to give you any kind of lecture about human rights... or wrongs. Nevertheless, despite our different cultural backgrounds (differences makes us both more rich and complementary) we both belong to the brotherhood of mankind. While living under the same Sun and over the same Hearth, we share a common destiny. We face and are called to act under common global challenges.Differences are only visible when we look at the way we both "respond" to those challenges...Today I am begging for your superior understanding of human nature.Does Sakineh deserves to die?I know that WE ALL DESERVE to die...I'm also sure we ALL WILL DIE.Please consider the best interest of Iran Please consider the best interest of IslamBe prudent and be wise. Save Sakineh's live!The whole world will thank you and will also start looking at Iran as companion and a partner in the great adventure of mankind towards greatness, peace and happiness.
Thank you!

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